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We offer our sincere thanks to your staff for the special care given to my late father. In the past four years since he has been with your facility, we noted he has been treated with respect. We commend your staff as they always have a lovely smile and have nursed dad with kindness.

Your Chaplain is very supportive. His fortnightly support groups are a blessing and in addition he continues to be a great support to my mother who is still a resident at Mareeba. We are indeed fortunate to have the availability of your well run Aged Care facility here in this area.

Yours faithfully
Fay and John Church

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Mum's every need was anticipated and taken care of; it takes special people. My mum was lucky to have been in your care.

Carolyn Fox

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Just a quick thank you (but a big one) for helping us in our hour of need and taking care of dad.

Kindest Regards
Pam Buck

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I wanted to express my appreciation to the staff for taking such excellent care of me during my time at Mareeba...the high level of caring and energy ...their professional and personal pride in their work .... the variety and quality of the food provided.... the healing powers of being able to share a light-hearted joke ...their cheery, pleasant attitudes. ...the nursing staff's warm support and encouragement in particular, directly contributed to my health improving to such an extent that I was able to fulfil my desire of returning home to my own unit.

K R Maunder

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I feel like I am encouraged to do as much for myself as possible yet I don’t have to participate in activities if I don’t want to and that’s alright.


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All staff at Mareeba are wonderful I couldn’t ask for better, I don’t believe the service could be improved upon.

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I always found Mareeba staff to be of a very caring nature and genuinely interested in my father's welfare. The care given to my father was of an exceptional standard, and I could not have wished for better, both myself and other members of my family have always been made to feel welcome at Mareeba.

Mrs Ruth Gimbert

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I am comfortable with Mareeba, what impresses me most the kindness and sincerity of the staff, I am surprised at the amount of care taken to get things right for you and they’re happy about doing it.


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Staff have gone out of their way to make Mum feel welcome and comfortable here, have been patient with family’s anxieties and RN’s always quick to respond to her pain etc. much appreciated.


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There are not enough words to express the compassion, care and loving support that we received from everyone. When we think of Ray we will think of the many happy times we spent at Mareeba.

The Powers Family

letter from resident Lynda