Model boat donated by resident's family

Posted 17 Dec '16

Boat donated by Norm W (husband of Shirl W who is a resident at Mareeba).

The boat was in his garden in Grafton. All the rigging had rottered off and masts were damaged and it was headed off to the tip.

Norm then decided not to do that and bought it back to his home in Iluka.

After quiet a bit of rehab done at the men's shed it now has a new mast turned out of a broom handle. The sails were the hard part as they were made from light vynle and dowells and kebab sticks. It then was gradually back to near original.

Overall it took about 3 months of spare time to complete the job.

The boat has been offerred to Mareeba so that the residents, staff and visitors can get great pleasure out of looking at it.

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