Never too old or too young for a treasure hunt

Posted 6 Aug '19

You’re never too old or too young for a treasure hunt.Well that’s what the residents at Mareeba Aged Care in Maclean believe when they recently took part in a community Rock Painting Kindness Project.

Rock painting has become a bit of a global craze and Mareeba residents joined in as part of their Lifestyle and Leisure Art Therapy program.

Local Valley Rocks painted by Mareeba residents were hidden in the community and found by children and adults alike. “Sort of like a big treasure hunt,” said LaurenMs Kirkland, Mareeba’s Lifestyle and Leisure team.

“Rock painting, like many forms of art can have health benefits including boosting memory, relieving stress and of course, the happiness factor,” says Ms Kirkland. L & L team

Rock painting and hiding them has become a worldwide craze with Facebook groups dedicated to it. And By posting photos to Facebook when someone finds a community members found their little rock treasure Mareeba residents could can see the results of their efforts.

“The community response has been heart-warming and it completes the kindness circle. Via Facebook residents saw their painted rock and the joy it bringsin brought to a child in our community. And The great thing is, children are were encouraged to get out and getactive to hunt the rocks down.

There might be more out there! If you find a painted rock labelled “Clarence Valley Rocks, Mareeba Aged Care” please post a picture in the Clarence Valley Rock Group, or join the group anyway so you can follow the fun.

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